• Anyone can sign up to be a Vendor at Selfish Mother Marketplace.
        • You can sell anything... except the kids :)
        • From 1st September 2020, the commission taken by Selfish Mother is 20% from sales. 
        • The site is FREE SHIPPING, so it requires that all items are sold with shipping included, or if an item needs to be couriered, then the courier is organised separately with the customer (but please say this on your product information).
        • Sales money is paid to direct to Selfish Mother from the customer.
        • Sales monty is transferred (minus 20% fee) to Marketplace Vendors on a Monthly basis. Sales for a month will be transferred direct to the Marketplace Vendors on the first Monday of the following month. EG: June's takings will be transferred on the first Monday of July (less any refunds that have taken place during that time)

        • Marketplace Vendors must honour all sales made or communicate effectively with the customer as to why it has not been possible.
        • Marketplace Vendors must deliver items to the customer within the time-frame stated on the seller page.
        • If items are not delivered to your customer or you do follow usual shop practice, then Selfish Mother reserves the right to remove Vendors from Selfish Mother Marketplace as a seller.
        • Selfish Mother is not responsible for delivery items unless being sold by Selfish Mother direct.
        • Marketplace Vendors must ensure their contact details are correct at all times so that customers can contact them.
        • If marketplace Vendors have any issues, please contact Hello@SelfishMother.com

      • Selfish Mother processes your returns from our site back-end. So - if a customer returns an item to you please email Hello@SelfishMother.com with PLEASE REFUND in your subject line... & I will refund them. NB: It's a legal requirement that if you sell online that you offer returns, so please do look up the gov guidelines on this before creating your returns policy. 


+ Basically the better the pics or the better looking your store, then the more you'll be featured high in collections & in our marketing! Don't sweat it though, we're all about WINGING IT
Pictures need to be SQUARE. The ideal dimensions are on the 'back-end' when you upload your pics. Unfortunately rectangular pics don't work for our shop. 
+ Pictures don't need to be professional but please do try and make them as stylish as possible. The better the picture, the easier it is to sell a product! 
+ Feel free to add Instagram Images as your main product pic or on the product pages. As it's nice to see the items worn / used. Also customers respond well to seeing faces, apparently. 
+ Don't worry about making your descriptions super long, but ensure they have all the essential info! If in doubt, mimic descriptions on your favourite shop to get tone and length right.
+ Please do upload your profile photo to your store & a store banner (at the moment lots of these are empty) & also feel free to add your Instagram handle etc in your biogs. As these all add more info for the customer and they will trust YOU as a seller more! 

Every week I'll feature 10 of YOUR products in my Marketplace Edit email which goes out to our customer list. For this I have to choose a variety of items with the best pictures possible, so please ensure all your pictures are SQUARE & the best they can be! It helps with YOUR sales and MY marketing. Take them on your phone, but please ensure good lighting & composition, as the better the picture... the more likely it is you'll be featured, and the more likely your item will sell! 

Site Curation:
The position of products in the shop is curated manually, by Molly Selfish Mother! When you upload or edit products you'll notice they go to the bottom of the collections.... and Molly will curate collections (eg move products about) twice a week. Right now, we're in unprecedented times with the pandemic & our team on Furlough, so please BEAR WITH US if we don't always do this as quickly as you'd like... we am on it! We are just juggling childcare / work etc just like you. 

+ The more you share the better! Please do email your customers to let them know that you are now selling at Selfish Mother Marketplace... you can link them straight to your own store profile page :)

+ Please do tag us in on Instagram @SelfishMother_Marketplace and @SelfishMother so that we can support you and re-share pix!  

+ Please do share on Facebook and tag @SelfishMother